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Pine Creek Lake. Photo by Walker Stole
Nov 09 2016

Wild Places Will Endure

Clean water, healthy forests, and abundant wildlife are Montana values

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Since the election, we’ve heard from many concerned members and supporters across the state who are anxious about the results of the election and wondering what the future holds for our work to protect Montana’s public lands.

There is no doubt, in January, we will be facing an entirely different political reality at the federal level. Though we don’t know what that reality will entail exactly, we fully expect to face daunting challenges over the next four years.

However, it’s important to remember that Montana Wilderness Association has been working for nearly 60 years to protect our wilderness heritage, quiet beauty, and outdoor traditions. Numerous presidential administrations have come and gone, and these values still thrive. If we work together as Montanans, there’s no reason to think these values won’t continue to thrive for the next 60 years.

This is a crucial point. We must work together and stand together.

Over the course of the election, we have all heard deeply troubling statements that denigrated women, humiliated minorities and encouraged violence. We’ve heard language and witnessed actions that have defied every standard for civil discourse.

This matters to us at MWA because our conservation mission includes three critically important words: “work with communities”.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to work with very different communities from Libby to Browning to Billings. We intend to strengthen this commitment in the months ahead. We will continue to embrace diversity, and we will continue to work faithfully along side those who do not share our point of view.

Our outdoor values belong to all Montanans, no matter where they fall on the political spectrum. Our work with partners across Montana reinforces this common ground, from the Kootenai National Forest to the Blackfoot River Valley. We will continue to advance this work, and make no mistake, we will continue holding our elected officials accountable should they put our outdoor way of life at risk.

In our 58 years, MWA has persevered under difficult political conditions and even won significant conservation victories in challenging times. I’m confident we’ll continue to find success because our values – clean water, healthy forests, and abundant wildlife - are Montana’s values.

Please help us meet the challenges of these next four years by supporting our work today.

~ Brian Sybert, MWA executive director