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Pine Creek Lake. Photo by Walker Stole
Jun 12 2017


Montanans call on Sec. Zinke to keep the Upper Missouri River Breaks just the way it is

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Thousands of years ago people traveled to the Missouri River Breaks to camp and hunt along the river, to share stories with family and friends, and to establish traditions and find inspiration in an unparalleled landscape. 

Thousands of years later, little has changed. 

Today, families still travel from afar to drift along the lazy river and camp between the looming sandstone cliffs and rugged badlands. Sportsmen can still find world-class, public land hunting opportunities in pursuit of big game each fall. And the tradition of sharing stories and finding inspiration for those that come to the Missouri Breaks is still strong – just as is was with those ancient travelers.

But now, Sec. Ryan Zinke and President Trump are threatening to strip protection from this place that tells an important part of our nation’s story, ensures public access, and supports our outdoor way of life here in Montana. It’s our turn to hold our ground in defense of the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument. A group of diverse Montanans called Hold Our Ground under have launched an effort to do just that. 

Join with Hold Our Ground in telling Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke that Montanans are opposed to changing or overturning the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument. You can act now to remind Secretary Zinke that Montanans expect to keep the Missouri Breaks just the way it is so we can pass our outdoor heritage on to future generations.

Certain places in Montana, especially our national monuments, tell us who we are, where we come from, and whom we might become. The Breaks is one of those places. No less than our history, our heritage, and our culture are under attack by this review.

Help us defend our past for the sake of our future. Join us by urging Secretary Zinke to leave the Upper River Breaks National Monument alone – out of respect for this place that so defines us as Americans, and as Montanans.

- John Todd, MWA conservation director