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Pine Creek Lake. Photo by Walker Stole

A group of elk on the Sun River WMA along the Rocky Mountian Front. Photo by Misti Axtman

One hundred seventy million years ago a three-mile deep slab of rock broke and slid over bedrock from the Cretaceous period, leaving what we know today as the Rocky Mountain Front. Since then, ice ages and dinosaurs have come and gone. But after the last retreat of continental glaciers, not much has changed on the Front.

Mount Jefferson in the Centennial Mountains

There is a wonderful place in the extreme southwest corner of Montana. It’s a mountain range critical to wildlife migration, and it harbors the absolute headwaters of the Missouri River, one of the state’s mighty blue-ribbon trout streams.

Allison Linville

Congressman Steve Daines, I would like to thank you for your support of the North Fork Watershed Protection Act. As a Flathead Valley resident, I am encouraged by your bipartisan support of a bill that protects wildlife and our outdoor oriented way of life. This shows me that you are committed to acting in the best interest of Montanans.