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Pine Creek Lake. Photo by Walker Stole

Aerial view of Sweetgrass Canyon, part of the Crazies land exchange proposal (photo courtesy of EcoFlight)

Consolidating land in the Crazies is a necessity if we ever want to legislatively protect these mountains in the future. 

The Musselshell River Break country, not protected in the final BLM plan for central Montana. (Photo by Tony Bynum)

No matter how much grandiose spin acting BLM director  Pendley has put on these plans, they are as much an affront to Montana’s outdoor values as Pendley’s views on public lands.   

The Big Snowies (photo by Zack Porter)

The Forest includes some of Montana’s most revered public lands, including the Big Snowy Mountains, the Little Belts, Big Belts, Badger-Two Medicine, Elkhorn Mountains, and the entire stretch of the Continental Divide between Helena and Glacier National Park. 

The Big Snowies (Zack Porter)

We’re pleased the Forest Service recognized the importance of conserving the wildest areas along the continental divide and in the Big Snowies. 

Crossing a stream in the Crazy Mountains (photo by Aaron Schye)

This poll serves as an opportunity to determine whether our work aligns with Montanans’ values, and whether we are doing our job building grassroots support for the proposals we champion. 

Looking out over the Musselshell breaks country in central Montana (photo by Tony Bynum)

The practice of noncompetitive leasing is a hold-over from the 100-year-old Mineral Leasing Act that still guides these practices.