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Pine Creek Lake. Photo by Walker Stole

Looking out over the Tenderfoot/Deep Creek roadless area towards the Smith River (photo by Mark Good)

Looking out on a clear day from the old Monument Peak fire lookout in the Little Belt Mountains, you can see Montana from top to bottom – from Chief Mountain along the Alberta border to the Beartooth Mountains along the Wyoming border.

Bear Canyon and Red Pryor Mountain in early October. Photo by Charlie Smillie.

MWA’s Eastern Montana Field Director, Charlie Smillie, remembers a close friend in the wild and sacred silence of the Pryor Mountains.

Montana Wilderness Association staff honor the late Senator Lee Metcalf by sporting his signature glasses at his namesake wilderness boundary.

...we jokingly asked, “WWLD: What would Lee do?” We quickly conceded that Lee would have never found himself in the position we were in because he would have turned back long ago.