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Pine Creek Lake. Photo by Walker Stole

Bunker Creek (photo by Steve Gnam)

The US Forest Service recently released its draft management plan alternatives for the Flathead National Forest. These alternatives are essentially options for how the Forest Service will manage the Flathead Forest for the next 20 years.

Larch in fall splendor in the Sapphires Wilderness Study Area (photo by Zack Porter)

The plan safeguards habitat, clean water, and solitude in stunning landscapes around the Bitterroot, including the Sapphire and Blue Joint Wilderness Study Areas, places that Stevensville-native Sen. Lee Metcalf protected with the passage of the 1977 Montana Wilderness Study Act.

Wildflowers blossoming on the Rocky Mountain Front (photo by Jane Timmerman)

Montana Governor Steve Bullock today unveiled a pro-public lands agenda that not only doubles down on rejecting the transfer of federal lands to the state, but also creates opportunities to expand conservation and recreation on our public lands.

Just weeks after the cancelation, a Washington, D.C. District Court judge granted a motion by Solenex to amend its original complaint and challenge the authority of the government to cancel the lease.

The fight to save the Badger from development is not over.

Fishing on Taylor Fork of the Madison River (photo by Kathy Rue)

The radical fringe that tried to advance the lands transfer scheme didn’t count on how much we value our special places on public lands.