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Pine Creek Lake. Photo by Walker Stole

Sun rising over the Big Belts (photo by Branden Stevens)

When the dust settled last night on a legislative agreement that became part of the fiscal 2016 omnibus package, a solution for the nation’s wildfire funding problem had indeed been slashed.

Badger Creek (photo by John Lambing)

Sec. Vilsack joins long line of those urging cancellation of all remaining leases in the Badger.

Fishing on the Smith River near the Tenderfoot Creek Roadless Area (photo by Willie Rahr)

Imagine a national forest plan encompassing a dozen wild ranges of the Rockies that fully recognizes the priceless values of wild nature to people present and future.

The Badger-Two Medicine (photo courtesy of Leanne Falcon and Glacier-Two Medicine Alliance)

On September 2, the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation travels to Choteau to hear from the public about proposed oil and gas development in the Badger-Two Medicine.

A view of Kerlee Lake in the Bitteroots (photo by Jackie Corday)

The Bitterroot National Forest's draft travel plan lives up to what Sen. Lee Metcalf envisioned for this beautiful area.

On the nose of the Sleeping Giant near Helena, an area that would have lost protection with an amendment Daines supported. Photo by Eric Heidle.

This week, the U.S. Senate took up three amendments to the Keystone XL pipeline bill that amounted to an assault on public land conservation in Montana.