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Pine Creek Lake. Photo by Walker Stole

Working on the CDT, Flesher Pass

Since 2009, Congress has reduced Forest Service budgets by 48% overall in the region that manages all 10 national forests in Montana.

The Badger-Two Medicine (photo courtesy of Glacier-Two Medicine Alliance)

There will be no oil rigs rolling into the sacred Badger-Two Medicine anytime soon.

Looking west across the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area (photo by Dexter Hale)

Last Friday, Rep. Ryan Zinke voted for a bill to allow any government entity to build roads and allow motorized vehicles on American public lands currently protected as Wilderness areas.

The view from a cave in the Big Belts (photo by Jesse Varnado)

Imagine a national forest plan encompassing a dozen wild ranges of the Rockies that fully recognizes the priceless values of wild nature to people present and future.

Above Crescent Lake in the Pioneer Mountains (photo by Fred Offenkrantz)

Until March 3, the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest is taking a forest-wide look at the impacts of snowmobiling and other forms of winter motorized recreation in some of our finest backcountry, and the agency needs to hear from you.

Gumbo Plateau (photo by Tony Bynum)

Gumbo Plateau, Caravan Marsh Hawk Hills, Sage Creek, and other lands in northeastern Montana provide some of the very best habitat for sage grouse in the state.