Wild Word - December 2015

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Pine Creek Lake. Photo by Walker Stole

Gumbo Plateau (photo by Tony Bynum)

Gumbo Plateau, Caravan Marsh Hawk Hills, Sage Creek, and other lands in northeastern Montana provide some of the very best habitat for sage grouse in the state.

Sun rising over the Big Belts (photo by Branden Stevens)

When the dust settled last night on a legislative agreement that became part of the fiscal 2016 omnibus package, a solution for the nation’s wildfire funding problem had indeed been slashed.

Rainy Lake and Swan Range proposed additions to the Bob Marshall Wilderness (photo by Meg Giddings)

There’s far too much uncertainty for the future of the southwest Crown of the Continent Ecosystem, the beating heart of the Northern Rockies and one of the world’s premier wild areas.

Bear Canyon and Red Pryor Mountain in early October. Photo by Charlie Smillie.

MWA’s Eastern Montana Field Director, Charlie Smillie, remembers a close friend in the wild and sacred silence of the Pryor Mountains.