Wild Word - October 2015

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Pine Creek Lake. Photo by Walker Stole

Fishing on the Smith River near the Tenderfoot Creek Roadless Area (photo by Willie Rahr)

Imagine a national forest plan encompassing a dozen wild ranges of the Rockies that fully recognizes the priceless values of wild nature to people present and future.

Two bull elk graze along the Gallatin River (photo by Cal Bebee)

Fifty-seven years ago, Ken and Florence Baldwin decided to write a letter to one hundred friends on behalf of wildlands in the Gallatin and Madison drainages. 20 of them would go on to form MWA.

Little Plume Mountain in the Badger-Two Medicine (photo by Stephen Legault)

I am reminded that this fight will go on regardless of Judge Leon’s ruling, or perhaps in spite of it.

Dry Creek in southeast Montana (photo by Tony Bynum)

The Bureau of Land Management has a duty to manage our lands for multiple values, and that includes protecting wilderness and conserving some of the last remaining unbroken prairie in all the Great Plains.