Wild Word - January 2016

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Pine Creek Lake. Photo by Walker Stole

John Gatchell (l) and Eric Grove from Great Divide Cycling Team (r) with representative of the International Mountain Bicycling Assoc.

Conservationists and mountain bikers in the Montana High Divide Trails partnership know that by working together they can expand both wilderness and mountain biking in Montana.

The Swan Range (photo by Lee Boman)

Selfishness and delusional interpretations of the U.S Constitution have come together in support of a disastrous agenda aimed squarely at one thing: taking national public lands away from the American people.

LWCF has secured 240 of the 335 fishing access sites in Montana (photo by Meghan Walter)

If legislation existed offering every American a cold beer and a pat on the back, it could hardly be more popular than LWCF.

Sandhill cranes at dusk in the Flathead (Doug Hammerberg)

Welcome to the dark periphery of the lands transfer movement.