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Pine Creek Lake. Photo by Walker Stole
Nov 07 2020

A New Day for Public Lands

Joe Biden’s victory is a clear and inspiring win for public lands in Montana and across the country


It’s been long and exhausting, but the 2020 presidential election has finally come to a close, and the results bring with it joyful news for public lands in Montana and across the country. 

For the last four years, the outgoing administration has systematically attacked our public lands. It has intentionally weakened and dismantled land management agencies, rolled back bedrock environmental laws, flouted the law, and rammed through new rules and policies that have transparently favored industry and threatened public access, ecological integrity, cultural and historical importance, and public input. 

We’re encouraging President-elect Biden and his team to use the next few months to put together a comprehensive plan to rehabilitate our public lands and the institutions that protect them from the damage done by the Trump administration. 

Taking meaningful steps to repair this immense damage must be the Biden administration’s first public-lands priority.

We’ll also be encouraging the administration to prioritize the conservation of public lands in Montana and other states by:

  1. Ending the outgoing administration’s energy-dominance agenda and making conservation a priority across all public land management agencies
  2. Redoing the Bureau of Land Management’s one-sided Missoula and Lewistown resource management plans released under William Perry Pendley’s illegal leadership
  3. Acting on the overwhelming wishes of Montanans to support the Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Act
  4. Restoring meaningful opportunities for the public to provide input into the management of Montana’s public lands

We’ll be sharing more details about our priorities for President-elect Biden’s administration soon. 

For now, know that MWA will continue unifying Montanans and other Americans of all political stripes around the love we share for Montana’s wild public lands, and we will not waver in our commitment to protecting those lands for this and future generations. 

Let’s savor this great moment for public lands across the United States.  

Ben Gabriel
Executive Director

Ben develops MWA's organizational strategy and works with our grassroots community, partners, and board of directors to achieve MWA's mission and ensure our long-term health and effectiveness. He spends his time connecting to Montana's wild places and rivers by hiking, kayaking, and skiing with his wife, daughter, and dogs.
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