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Pine Creek Lake. Photo by Walker Stole
Jul 24 2013

A gift we owe the next generation

Bob Bayley from Ennis shares why he thinks now is the time to stand for FJRA

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There is a wonderful place in the extreme southwest corner of Montana. It’s a mountain range critical to wildlife migration, and it harbors the absolute headwaters of the Missouri River, one of the state’s mighty blue-ribbon trout streams.

The Centennial Mountains and its highest point, Mount Jefferson, are one of Montana’s most rugged landscapes. This rare east-west range has nearly 100,000 roadless acres and supports healthy populations of mule deer, elk, moose, and bear. That’s why most Montanans agree it should stay that way.

The best way to protect wild places like Mount Jefferson and the Centennials is by passing the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act. For years Montanans have worked to come up with a vision for managing our forests while protecting our celebrated outdoor traditions. And leaving our public lands and waterways better than we found them is a gift we owe to the next generation.

Supporting jobs in our forest, encouraging stewardship and protecting clean water and wildlife habitat shouldn’t be a political issue. It’s time to stand up for something good. Contact our congressional delegation today and ask them to pass the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act this fall.

Bob Bayley

This story was submitted via bringthemtogether.org. You can help bring Montana’s Congressional delegation together now by telling them why you want your favorite places to stay the way they are. Voice your support for the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act and the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act today at bringthemtogether.org.