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Pine Creek Lake. Photo by Walker Stole

We're halfway home, with just two months of the 2021 Legislature to go (photo by Jody Evanson)

After the fast and furious first half of the 2021 Montana Legislature, we have a moment to catch our breath and take stock of where public lands legislation stands.

MWA names Emily Cleveland as new conservation director (photo of Crescent Lake in the East Pioneers by Henry Worobec)

From surveying the Custer Gallatin’s wildest places to shearing sheep with the Ruby Valley Strategic Alliance, Emily Cleveland isn’t afraid to break a sweat in the pursuit of furthering Montana Wilderness Association’s mission.

It's time for the Montana Legislature to support a collaborative approach to WSA management (photo Kelly Wicks)

Montanans have loudly and repeatedly rejected attempts to unilaterally remove WSA protections. It's time to embrace collaboration once and for all. 

HB320 is a wolf-in-sheep's-clothing bill that would set the stage for Montana to sell, transfer, or lease state lands (photo by Debi Herren)

HB320 is a wolf-in-sheep's-clothing bill designed to lay the groundwork for future land transfer, and we're ready to defeat it...again.

Overlooking Lena Creek near the Missouri River Breaks National Monument south of Malta (photo by Tony Bynum)

We applaud the executive order that President Biden signed Jan. 26, pausing all oil and gas leasing on public lands. This will give the Biden administration and Congress time to enact new policy and pass laws that will reform the country’s oil and gas leasing system.

Check back to stay up to date on all the latest news about the 2020 Montana State Legislature (photo by Kyle Stinson)

The Montana State Legislature will move fast this winter, but we're here to keep you in know about all the latest developments.