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Pine Creek Lake. Photo by Walker Stole

Sign up for our Legislative Action Team for updates about how you can protect public lands this legislative session (photo by Nacoma Gainan)

A deep dive into our priorities during Montana's 2021 legislative session and a tip about how you can be a powerful public lands advocate. 

The Badger-Two Medicine is a unique haven for wildlife and culturally significant to the Blackfeet Nation (photo by Daniel Glick)

Despite repeated losses, Solenex LLC is going to court – again – to reinstate its canceled lease in the Badger-Two Medicine. 

Hiking the East Rosebud Trail in the Beartooth Mountains (photo by Mary Southworth)

In January Joe Biden will be inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States and will immediately face a number of environmental challenges across the country, Montana being no exception.

Even in tough conditions, we're anticipating real progress for public lands in the 2021 Montana Legislature (George R. Mann/Library of Congress)

With the 2020 election fading, with much kicking and screaming, into the distance, it’s time to dig into what the state-level results could mean for Montana’s public lands.

The Bureau of Land Management's new environmental assessment for the Pryor Mountains falls well short (photo by Kenneth McClane)

The BLM's new environmental assessment for the Pryor Mountains travel plan is a slight improvement over the original, but still fails to meet its legal requirements to protect wildlife, ecology, and cultural resources.