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Pine Creek Lake. Photo by Walker Stole

Trailhead to Beehive Basin in the Spanish Peaks (photo by Sage Schiller)

During the same committee meeting in which the Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Act was inexplicably left off the agenda, Sen. Daines voted in support of five bills in five other states that would designate, in total, 1.3 million acres of new Wilderness. 

Join us in Whitefish to stand up for our Montana values: respect and our outdoor way of life (photo by Miles Glynn)

We call on Sec. Ryan Zinke to denounce this anti-public lands event taking place in his hometown of Whitefish and stand up for Montana values like respect and the outdoor way of life provided by our public lands. 

Big Snowies Wilderness Study Area, addressed in the 1988 Wilderness bill (photo by Zack Porter)

he bill addressed all seven remaining WSAs that had been created by the Montana Wilderness Study Act of 1977.

South Fork Two Medicine River (photo by Gene Sentz)

The bad news: The leases threat of an industrialized Badger again looms. The good news: This was not a setback that was unanticipated or is insurmountable. The ruling will be appealed.  

Bagging Gallatin Peak in the Lee Metcalf Wilderness Area (photo by Maggie Slepian)

The bi-partisan Lee Metcalf Wilderness and Management Act was drafted and supported by all four members of Montana’s Congressional delegation.