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Oct 05 2020


Here's how to make sure you're registered to vote in the November election

Our votes add up to something big. Every vote is a voice, and for over 60 years we’ve been raising our voices together to protect Montana’s wild public lands. And with elections in Montana often being decided by a handful of votes, your voice - and your vote - REALLY matters.

That’s why it's so important that every eligible Montana is registered to vote in the election on November 3.

Need to register or not sure of your registration status? Look yourself up on the My Voter Page, and if you need to register, you can start the process online using the link below until October 16.


Why does voting matter so much? 

In Montana, we’re lucky to have access to incredible public lands and waters, from the peaks of Glacier National Park to the mighty Missouri River to the towering buttes and badlands of eastern Montana to the local state park where you meet friends for a BBQ.  Montana’s public lands help us put food on the table and create cherished memories with our families, and all of us - regardless of background, income, or political party - share these lands and waters.

But we can’t take any of that for granted.

In the past few years, our public lands have faced serious and persistent threats: efforts to transfer public lands to private ownership, to remove the public from the public lands decision-making process, and to lease public lands to oil and gas companies for pennies on the dollar. 

In order to be sure our public lands remain wild and free, it’s critically important that all of us speak up strongly with a vote to keep public lands in public hands. No matter who ends up in office, our elected officials need to know that public lands and waters matter to voters in Montana.

That’s why this election year, it’s more important than ever that each and every one of us speak up for our public lands. That’s why it’s so important that every eligible Montanan is registered to vote.

How to Register

Next week, ballots will start to be mailed to hundreds of thousands of Montana homes. Unfortunately, tens of thousands of Montana voters who are expecting a ballot won’t get one because they have been marked “inactive” by the Secretary of State’s Office. You don’t have to be one of them. 

Even if you think you’re registered, please check your voter registration status on the My Voter Page. If your status is "inactive," register to vote today.

If you don’t think your registration is current or if you 1.) haven’t voted before, 2.) missed the primary election, 3.) recently moved, or 4.) want to register to vote by mail, we can help.

To get the registration process started, go to mtvr.org/mwa.

It takes 5 minutes, and it’s a huge step toward making your vote count for our public lands.

Whether you’re a first time voter or haven’t missed an election in 60 years, your vote matters. Every vote for public lands is a voice for their future, and now’s your chance to speak up. 

One More Thing

It takes money to make sure Montanans get out and vote.

Will you make a donation today to support our voter registration outreach and work to protect Montana’s public lands? $10, $20, or $30 can go a long way towards protecting wildlife, public access, and our outdoor way of life for decades. 


If you have any other questions about how to vote, visit https://www.voteinmt.org/ or send me an email.

Jacob Foster
Development Manager

Jacob lifts up voices from communities around the state to protect and preserve public lands. While not taking on new engagement challenges, he enjoys beekeeping, skiing, and hiking with loved ones.
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