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Jan 24 2013

Winter Wilderness Walk provides opportunity to track Montana’s wildlife

Helena Independent Record

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By Eddie Gregg
Independent Record

The possibility of spotting wolverine tracks in the Montana wilderness was exciting.

By some estimates, there are only a few hundred of the elusive carnivores currently living in Montana.

Just three years ago, Steve Gehman, a Montana wildlife tracker of the highest order, trailed a wolverine through the yard of an Elliston resident, past Slate Creek Road and through the Little Blackfoot River area where I was about to start my first snowshoeing excursion Saturday morning.

“(The wolverine) didn’t arouse any dogs or attack any children or anything,” Gehman said, showing on a topographical map where the creature had passed through the area. “Kind of interesting about how these wilderness animals sometimes make their way down to our dwellings and across highways.”

Gehman had volunteered to guide the trek — one of the roughly 50 Winter Wilderness Walks the Montana Wilderness Association has scheduled across the state between now and the end of March.

The guided walks are provided free of charge, but openings are limited and reservations are required. And, fortunately for me, Montana Wilderness Association has a small number of snowshoes for beginners to borrow.

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