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Apr 06 2016

Welcome to Hikewildmontana.org

Our online, statewide trail guide makes planning a hike in Montana a whole lot easier

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A handful of guidebooks, a bunch of gigantic fold-out Forest Service maps, three topo maps, five websites, a half dozen blogs, multiple calls to ranger stations, and a whole lot of time. In my household, this is often what it takes just to plan a weekend hike, especially if we’re trying to get to someplace that’s not Glacier, Yellowstone, or in designated Wilderness.  I’m sure we’re not alone.

That’s where hikewildmontana.org comes in – to make life easier for those of us who love to explore Montana’s public lands, and to connect people to the places that deserve protection.

Made possible by a grant from the Montana Office of Tourism and with the help of more than 70 MWA volunteers who hiked, photographed, and mapped 200-plus trails, hikewildmontana.org offers a single website where people can discover new trails, view inspiring photos, get up-to-date trail conditions, and even hear about the best small town spots for pancakes, milkshakes, and pie. As the guide catches on, we expect the number of trail descriptions to grow exponentially. 

Building on MWA’s 55 years leading Wilderness Walks, hikewildmontana.org connects people with the wild places we’re working to protect. It inspires lifelong Montanans, new arrivals, and visitors alike to not just discover new trails, but engage in the future of these places as stewards and advocates. Each trail description includes information about the work we’re doing to protect the area and ways to give back to these special places.

On another level, hikewildmontana.org strengthens connections between protected public lands and local economies. Each trail description includes recommendations for nearby businesses where visitors can find great burgers, beer, breakfasts, or B&Bs. By encouraging people to stop, enjoy, and spend dollars in gateway communities, hikewildmontana.org helps showcase the value of quiet outdoor recreation to rural economies.

So, the next time you get that familiar urge to explore somewhere new:

  • Plan your adventure at hikewildmontana.org.
  • Help keep trail conditions up-to-date by clicking on “Add a Trip Report” and sharing your experience.
  • Keep the site growing by clicking on “Add a Trail” and contributing a description of your favorite hikes.

See you on the trail.

- Kassia Randzio, MWA community engagement manager