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Aug 24 2018

Watch: What Do Anti-WSA Legislation and Alien Abductions Have in Common?

Just 11% of people believe in them


We're sure you've heard about Sen. Steve Daines' and Rep. Greg Gianforte's attempt to strip protection from over 800,000 acres of Montana's wilderness study areas (WSAs). If these bills were to pass, they would represent the single biggest loss of protected public lands in Montana's history. 

You'd think that before introducing legislation that would remove protections from critical watersheds, vital big game range, blue-ribbon trout streams, and bastions of wild solitude, the congressman would've checked with Montanans to make sure that they supported such legislation. 

Unfortunately, neither Sen. Daines nor Rep. Gianforte has held a single public meeting to hear from Montanans. They have organized carefully controlled gatherings, arranged invite-only roundtables, and chatted with hand-picked individuals, but have kept the public at arm's length and repeatedly discouraged the type of collaboration that Montanans expect and deserve. 

If they had made a good-faith effort to listen to the public, Sen. Daines and Rep. Gianforte would have learned that just 11% of Montanan's support the attempt to roll back protections from our WSAs. For a litle perspective, that's about the same percentage of people that believe in alien abductions. 

It's time for Sen. Daines and Rep. Gianforte to stop pushing for a top-down one-size-fits-all approach to managing Montana's public lands and start doing what they were elected to do - listening to and representing Montanans.

- Alex Blackmer, MWA communications coordinator