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Nov 20 2018

This Holiday Season, What’s Your Why?

Our wild places mean everything to me. That's why I give on Giving Tuesday.


If you’re like me,  just hearing the words “Black Friday” makes you shudder. The frenzied rush for stuff, the crowds, the hunger for more, more, more.

No thank you. 

Thankfully, I’ve learned of an antidote to all the madness. It’s called Giving Tuesday, it happens on Tuesday, November 27th, and it’s the polar opposite of all that Black Friday stands for. There are no lines, no crowds, no mad dashes for the latest this and that.

Giving Tuesday - mark your calendar, it’s one week from today - is, simply put, a global day of giving to the causes that mean the most to us.

I like to think about it this way: If Black Friday is all about the what, Giving Tuesday is all about why.  

Let me share a quick story about what I mean. This summer, I was MWA’s seasonal trail steward, which meant that I spent many of my days deep in Montana’s wild places, pulaski in hand, helping maintain the trails that connect us to the public lands we love. On every trip, I was joined by volunteers, sometimes from the other side the country, who were spending their free time giving back to the places that are so special to us.

To a person, these volunteers weren’t there for a what. They were there for a why - because they believed in the importance of the work. Because they believed in giving back to the places that give so much to them. Because they believed in solitude, adventure, hard work, and wilderness. 

That’s the spirit that motivates me. Giving Tuesday is a chance for us to show our support for the why of our lives. 

So, on Tuesday, November 27th, think about your why. Why do your wild campsites, secret fishing holes, and favorite hunting grounds matter to you? Why are your family memories so important? Why do you want to create a place that reflects your values? 

I hope that when you do, you’ll also consider making a gift to MWA to help us continue our work of protecting our wild and public lands. They’re my why, and I hope they’re yours too. 

Thank you.

Haley Roe was MWA's 2018 seasonal trail steward