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Nov 20 2014

Sun Shines for Wilderness

Thirsty Lake Solar offers MWA members a discount on rooftop solar panels

Partners in Conservation

As climate change takes its toll on wilderness and oil and gas development threaten some of our most sacred public lands, Bozeman-based Thirsty Lake Solar is working to ensure that wildlands remain wild, one rooftop at a time. 

“When we turn to rooftops for solar power we are taking a simple step towards a clean energy future while reducing the demand for energy extraction on our public lands,” says Jeff Wongstrom of Thirsty Lake Solar

Doubling down on its commitment to wildlands, Thirsty Lake Solar offers Montana Wilderness Association members a discount on solar panel installation and donates a percentage of proceeds to support wilderness. The partnership encourages the transition to clean energy and reduces conflict and stress on Montana's wild places.

Ian and Yve Bardwell, co-owners of Dropstone Outfitting, were the first to take advantage of this opportunity, adding solar panels to their Choteau home at a discount. Not only do they now get energy from the sun instead of our public lands, but they generated a $600 donation from Thirsty Lake Solar to support our wilderness work, a win-win for conservation.

As Yve says, “We live in the perfect place to take advantage of solar and it's something we've talked about for some time. We believe it's important to try to take these kind of steps towards clean energy.  It's functional idealism.”

To learn more about this partnership, visit thirstylakesolar.com.