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Jun 21 2013

Solar Power = Wilderness Power

Reduced solar panel rates and donation to protect wilderness for MWA members

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Today one of the greatest threats to our public lands is large-scale energy development.  Whether oil fields or coal mines, the result is a vast network of roads, fragmented wildlife habitat, and the loss of our last remaining wild places.

When we turn to small scale, local energy production, that’s energy that doesn’t have to be drilled, mined, or excavated on our public lands. 


In Kalispell, the president of MWA’s Flathead-Kootenai Chapter installed a photovoltaic system on his unused roof space with Thirsty Lake Solar.  “In the two day process we got to know an efficient, trustworthy, and knowledgeable friend,” Terry and Katy Meyers said. “It was a simple yet dramatic action we personally could take to generate clean energy and reduce our monthly electric bill. More importantly, we’re supporting a clean energy future for Montana by decreasing demand for large-scale energy generation and distribution projects, and decreasing infrastructure on sensitive public lands.”

In partnership with Thirsty Lake Solar, Montana Wilderness Association members can receive a 3.5% discount on solar panel installation on their home or business.  Plus, Thirsty Lake Solar will donate 3.5% of the solar system cost to support Montana Wilderness Association programs.  The partnership encourages the transition to clean energy and reduces conflict and stress on Montana's wild places.  

If you’re considering installing solar panels on your home or business, contact Jeff Wongstrom at Thirsty Lake Solar at (406) 219-1119.