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Sep 26 2020

National Public Lands Day: Celebrating the CDT

In 2020, our Volunteer Trail Crew donated over 1,000 hours to maintain 25 miles of the Continental Divide Trail

On the Trail

In celebration of National Public Lands Day, we’re shining a light on the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail (CDT). The CDT is much more than just a dotted line on a map. It stretches 3,100 miles along the backbone of America – traversing the Rocky Mountains from Canada to Mexico – and provides access to some of the most wild and scenic places in the world. 

The renowned trail weaves through Wilderness areas, history, and countless lives, connecting our communities and serving as a reminder of our continued commitment to our wild places and public lands. The 800 miles of the CDT that course through western Montana’s public lands links together permanently protected areas like the Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness and the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, and traverses numerous other areas that deserve permanent protection.

We’ve been committed trail stewards of Montana’s section of the CDT since 2012 and will continue to work toward completing its path through the state. The Covid-19 pandemic has presented several challenges to our trail work this summer, but by taking precautionary measures, such as mobile hand washing stations, we’ve been able to safely complete three of our four planned CDT projects with the help of our amazing and dedicated volunteers. 

Here are some of our CDT accomplishments this year and some photos of the crew getting down and dirty!

This Summer’s Stats In 2020, our Volunteer Trail Crew donated over 1,000 volunteer hours and maintained 25 miles of the CDT. Highlights from this season’s projects: 
  • Pintler Creek – A backcountry project in the Anaconda Pintler Wilderness. Volunteers logged out 12 miles of trail and maintained over 200 drainage structures.
  • Twin Lakes – Another backcountry project – this time in the Anaconda Pintler Recommended Wilderness additions. Volunteers constructed a 500’ reroute and brushed trail.
  • Flesher Pass – A partner project with the Continental Divide Trail Coalition. Volunteers constructed a 650’ reroute, installed 44 waterbars, and completed 300’ of retread.
  • Meyers Hill – MWA staff logged out 10 miles of the CDT on the Helena Ranger District, removing over 100 down trees.

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Thanks to all the amazing volunteers who continually blow us away with their dedication and hard work. If you’re interested in joining a future trail project or learning more about our volunteer trail stewardship program, visit wildmotnana.org/vtc.

And if you’re interested in participating in a National Public Lands Day event near you, visit the National Environmental Education Foundation website. 

Matt Bowser
Stewardship Director

Matt oversees our stewardship program with an aim of providing opportunities for volunteers to engage with wild landscapes in meaningful ways. He enjoys backpacking, hunting, and Nordic skiing.
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