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Nov 26 2019

“I want them to feel Montana in their heart, just like I do.”

Help Sally keep Montana wild on #GivingTuesday


December is one of the biggest months for charitbale giving of the year. As the new year gets close, I wanted to share with you a little bit about why I’m so proud to donate to MWA this holiday season.

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I’ve lived in Montana for a long time now, but I grew up without a lot of access to wild places.

While there were a few places around my hometown where you could get a touch of nature, it doesn’t compare with beauty of the West.

That’s why Montana captivated me.

As soon as I got here, Montana felt like home. I was amazed by how much space and freedom there was, and from day one I felt like this was a place that was too special to leave. 

And that’s why I stayed. 

I’ve been lucky enough to see a lot of our wonderful state, but my favorite place in Montana is the Gallatin Range. It was one of the first spots I really got to know when I moved here, and it’s so beautiful and wild, even though it’s easily accessible, and you can get into some really spectacular country if you’re willing to put in some effort on your own two feet. 

These days, I live with my husband in a remote area of the Madison Range, and we’re excited to welcome our first child in the next few weeks. The Taylor Peaks are the backdrop to our ranch, and we’re incredibly lucky to call this spot home. It’s where I’ll spend my life and raise my family and run our business. I can look out the window and see grizzlies, moose, you name it - it’s essentially an extension of Yellowstone, and it’s going to be a really special place for my kids to grow up. I want to raise them outdoors as much as possible - camping, riding, and finding comfort in the gift of being disconnected from the hustle and bustle of life.

Being outdoors in the Gallatin and Madison Ranges, or anywhere else in Montana for that matter, brings me a level of peace and clarity that I didn’t have before. There are so many ways to learn about yourself out here, and to learn about the world in ways that growing up without the ability to explore wild places doesn’t offer.

That’s why I’m proud to support Montana Wilderness Association this holiday season. They do the hard on-the-ground work to ensure that our wild places, whether it’s a wilderness or a national forest or a national monument or any other type of public lands, remain special.

And it’s even more than that. MWA has done a great job of working with local communities and protecting the wild places that surround those communities in a way that benefits and protects people, wildlife, clean water, and solitude. Their work makes sure that our special places remain special, and I’m proud to support MWA so my children and grandchildren can be captivated by Montana’s wild places and freedom just like I was.

Help protect our wild places for future generations. Make a donation today. 

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Thanks for your support this holiday season. Our wild places thank you, and I do too. 

– Sally Kelsey, MWA supporter and Madison Range resident