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Jan 04 2013

Doug Ferrell Commentary: “Wilderness Protection”

Montana Public Radio

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Listen as MWA President Doug Ferrell provides a commentary segment for Montana Public Radio's Montana Evening Edition show (Ferrell's commentary begins at 23:40).

I want to talk a little bit today about some encouraging progress and momentum in protecting some of Montana’s precious wild country.

Actually what is especially encouraging goes way beyond how we manage wild country. It includes important progress on how we Montanans can work together on controversial issues and find ways to solve problems together.

At a time when our country is polarized and divided on so many issues, and when our congress is having great difficulty finding common ground and getting its basic work done, it is encouraging to realize that we do have the ability to tackle and solve tough problems.

So what has been happening, and how has it been done?

Right now, two pieces of legislation before congress represent important agreements made by diverse groups of Montanans, many of whom have been historical opponents on land use issues. The Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act, introduced by Senator Max Baucus, and the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act introduced by Senator Jon Tester were both created by large, inclusive groups. These groups worked to find common ground and craft visionary agreements about better ways to manage some special areas of our public lands. Polls show both bills are supported by over 70% of Montanans, with support crossing party lines and geographical boundaries.

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