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Please, please keep as much wilderness here in Montana as you possibly can. It's why we live here and love it here. Pictured is my husband embarking, this summer, on a 30-day hike along the Continental Divide Trail; something he's dreamed of for over 30 years. Thank you for protecting our land and keeping it the way it is!

After graduating from High School and attending U of M, I left to attend medical school and serve in the Army. The many blessings of the wilderness drew me back to Montana with my family.

Jumping for joy on Castle Reef. Photo by Jeff Van Tine

Helena photographer Jeff Van Tine shares a photo of three young ladies who are big fans of the Castle Reef on the Rocky Mountain Front


Trapper Badovinac

In this video, Trapper Badovinac shares a stroy about a rare expereince the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act would preserve.


Broadwater County Commissioner Laura Obert

In this video, Laura Obert, with the Broadwater County Commision, shares why she believes the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act is importnat to the vibrancy of her community.