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The Whitefish Range (photo by Steve Gnam)

We recently teamed up with northwest Montana’s literary and arts journal The Whitefish Review to host two poetry readings that celebrated special places in the Flathead National Forest.

Along the Wailing Wall (photo by Ted Brewer)

Between the soft layers of lenticular clouds, I caught glimpses of bulbous cumulus clouds punching up into the atmosphere.

Girl Scouts at the Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness

We all know that it takes time and energy to cultivate a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts who will work just as tirelessly to protect and expand wilderness in the coming century as Howard Zahniser, Ed Abbey, Mardy Murie, and others did in the last century. It’s in places like the Boundary Waters (or the Bob Marshall or the Selway-Bitterroot or the Lee Metcalf) where that cultivation takes place.

I strongly support passage of the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act and the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act. Hiking these incredible landscapes has instilled in me a deep sense of the enormous potential to maintain wild habitat and traditional land uses in a balanced manner. It is both a rare privilege and a rare opportunity to secure such vanishing natural treasures for future generations.

If it were just because I love wild places, that would be a bit selfish but Montana's economy, now and even more in the future, depends on these places being preserved. Please help to protect these lands for future generations.