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Teacup Lake (photo by Tyler Courville)

A few short and steep climbs brought me into the heart of the rocky backcountry of the East Pioneers.

Big sister and her dog in the Tobacco Roots (photo by Tyler Courville)

We had set up camp on the shores of the lake at around 9,000 feet, which is the perfect elevation for bitterly cold nights, warm sleeping bags, and some wild dreams.

UMWA student outing (photo courtesy of Zack Porter)

I want to lead people into new experiences, help them fall in love with this world, and grow as a result.

Along the Bridger Ridge Traverse (photo by Austin Wrem)

Color is returning to the world, and all flavors of cotton candy are floating across the sky – a sure sign it is going to be a wonderful day.

A student hike in the Bridger Range (photo by Kassia Randzio)

Meet Jocelyn Catterson, who studied Resource Conservation at UM and worked in environmental education throughout college

Girl Scouts at the Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness

We all know that it takes time and energy to cultivate a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts who will work just as tirelessly to protect and expand wilderness in the coming century as Howard Zahniser, Ed Abbey, Mardy Murie, and others did in the last century. It’s in places like the Boundary Waters (or the Bob Marshall or the Selway-Bitterroot or the Lee Metcalf) where that cultivation takes place.