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The Rooney clan explores their public lands in search of the perfect tree (photo by Mike Rooney))

The freshly-cut Douglas fir cleared a wide path as my dad pulled it down the powdered trail. Late afternoon sunlight poked through the snow-laden branches as my mom, my wife, and I trailed behind him, laughing as we slipped and slid in the fresh tracks. 

An early snowfall caps the Bridgers (photo by Kurtis Minster)

If you’re like me,  just hearing the words “Black Friday” makes you shudder. That's why I'm so happy to celebrate our public lands and wild places on Giving Tuesday on instead.

Fishing on a fall day near Wolf Creek (photo by Anson Nygaard)

For many returning veterans, public lands aren’t a luxury and access isn’t political. They're an essential part of the healing process.  

Pledge to vote for public lands this election (photo by Tony Bynum)

Over the last 3 months, close to 8,000 Montanans have pledged to vote to keep public lands in public hands. Will you join them?

Montanas rally in Helena to reclaim public say over public lands (photo by Gabe Furshong)

More than 60 Montanans rallied Helena to send a message to Congressman Steve Daines, Representative Greg Gianforte, and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke: stop depriving the public of a say in the management of our public lands.

Winter covers the Great Bear Wilderness, established in 1978 (photo by Dee Linnell Blank)

To celebrate our 60th anniversary, we're digging through the vault to tell the six-decade story of MWA, from our founding to today. This is part three, in which Montana loses a champion but adds more wilderness areas.