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Enjoying the sunset above Jewel Basin from atop Mount Aeneas (photo by Maddie Matarazzo)

Perhaps it was the never-ending views that showcased the difference between the wilderness and civilization. Maybe it was the rainbow of colors found in the wildflowers or the inquisitive nature of the mountain goats. 

View of the Cabinet Mountains from the Yaak Fire Lookout Tower (photo by Maddie Matarazzo)

As the sun set the entire horizon turned bright red and a full moon began to rise. The only sound I could hear were the quiet rustles of the forest. 

Best hikes near Glacier National Park (photo: Kerry Neils)

Glacier National Park has unbelievable hiking, but, in the heart of summer, it can also have unbelievable crowds. Fortunately, the views, wildlife, and mountains don’t stop at the park boundary. Here are five suggestions for hikes near Glacier National Park that are sure to be hit.

View from Ross Creek Cedars trail (photo by Sandii Mellen)

This time of the year offers unique opportunities to explore our public lands.

On a quest for standing petrified trees (photo by Roger Jenkins)

A “quest.” This is what my friend Mike called our first hike in search of some standing petrified trees in the northwest corner of Yellowstone National Park.

Backpacking along Pitamakan Pass in Glacier N.P. (photo by Kerry Neils)

The idea was to take my sister on her very first backpacking trip. Incidentally, this would also be her first time sleeping outside, her first time hiking in the Pacific Northwest, and her first time putting on shoes intended for dirt and rock and rain.