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The Storm Lake crew atop Goat Flats in the Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness

Fifty-eight MWA volunteers compiled 2,217 hours of service on Montana’s public lands this season, improving 26 miles of trails that Montanans love to hike, bike, and ride.

Heart Lake in the Great Burn Proposed Wilderness (Zack Porter)

On May 4 and 5, join me and thousands of people who will give local during 24 hours of giving.

Mary Hollow at the podium introducing Gov. Steve Bullock (photo by Laura Lundquist)

“These lands are our heritage. These lands are our birthright. These lands are one of our great equalizers,” Gov. Bullock said.

MWA President Lee Boman presenting award to Dan Bennett (photo by Eric Heidle)

Each year at Wild Fest, MWA honors several people for the work they’ve done championing wilderness, promoting quiet trails, and advocating for responsible management of public lands. We presented the 2016 Brass Lantern Awards to seven people this year.

Cecil Garland in the backcountry (photo courtesy of the Garland family)

Over the last few years, I’ve interviewed numerous wilderness champions, including environmentalists, government agency personnel, farmers, ranchers, politicians, outfitters, Native Americans, authors, artists, and ordinary citizens who simply love Montana’s outdoors.

Join us to learn about 2016 Wilderness Walks and CDT Montana trail projects.

This spring, MWA will be in your town (or near it) to share information about our 2016 Wilderness Walks and CDT Montana trail projects.