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The Montana Wilderness Association’s staff and State Council meeting on the Rocky Mountain Front, September 2012.

The State Council is a group of volunteers that leads the way for the Montana Wilderness Association. We're business owners, students, teachers, accountants, techies, and retirees. We're into hiking, camping, hunting, birding, fishing, riding horses, backpacking, photography, and a host of other outdoor endeavors. We love wilderness, and we work together to make sure the Montana Wilderness Association is the best possible organization it can be.

Terry and Katy Meyers with their solar panels from Thirsty Lake Solar.

Today one of the greatest threats to our public lands is large-scale energy development. Whether oil fields or coal mines, the result is a vast network of roads, fragmented wildlife habitat, and the loss of our last remaining wild places.

When we turn to small scale, local energy production, that’s energy that doesn’t have to be drilled, mined, or excavated on our public lands.

The Bluestone House at 80 S Warren in Helena. MWA photo

After nine years at 30 S. Ewing in Helena, the Montana Wilderness Association’s main office has moved.

We are now located just around the corner, on the other side Fire Tower Park, at 80 S. Warren in the historic Bluestone House.