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Volunteers re-tread a section of trail on Lewis and Clark Pass north of Lincoln (photo by Sean Jansen)

Curious about what really goes on during an MWA volunteer trail crew project? A lot of hard work, a lot of fun, and a whole lot of eating. 

CDT Montana trail crew celebrating their work on Flesher Pass

Although we all came from different walks of life, it was amazing to witness how quickly we came together.

Join us to learn about 2016 Wilderness Walks and CDT Montana trail projects.

This spring, MWA will be in your town (or near it) to share information about our 2016 Wilderness Walks and CDT Montana trail projects.

CDT Montana volunteers on Targhee Pass (photo by Jackson George)

Every season on the Montana portion of the CDT brings another year of success, not just in terms of building the trail, but also in building a community around a mission that gives back to the wildlands we use and love.

Disco snapping photos at the Chinese Wall

Dan Fenn is CDT Montana's 2015 Volunteer of the Year!

CDT Montana

Hosted by Summit Mountain Lodge and music by a local favorite—Spring Wagon Stringband—this end-of-summer gathering brings the CDNST community together for one final hurrah to enjoy a hot meal, cold beer, great prize giveaways and some trail love.