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Dec 08 2015

Beautiful Maps for a Beautiful Cause

XPlorer Maps offers the originals of hand-drawn maps with a percentage of sales going to MWA

Exploring Montana, Featured

Nothing quite evokes the spirit of a place as much as a beautiful map does, especially those that are hand-drawn.

For the first time, XPlorer Maps is selling the originals of its hand-drawn maps of Montana, Glacier, and Yellowstone. Blending history, culture, education, and conservation, each of these maps beautifully captures the spirit of the place through detailed depictions of mountains, valleys, and resident wildlife.

The company's commitment to place isn't just captured on paper, but is woven throughout its business. Co-owners and brothers Chris and Greg Robitaille will donate a third of the sales of these original works of art to support the Montana Wilderness Association, helping ensure that the mountain goats, bears, bitterroots, and bull trout that grace their maps will have wild places to thrive well into the future.

The Montana map ($8,500), Glacier National Park map ($7,500), and Yellowstone National Park map ($7,500) will be on display at the Missoula Made Fair on Sunday, December 13, from 11 a.m to 6 p.m.

Click here for a better look at the Montana map, here for a better look at the Yellowstone map, and here for a better look at the Glacier map. 

For more information or to purchase one of these originals, contact Greg Robitaille at greg@xplorermaps.com.