Wild Life - November 2019

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Krisy Hammond, MWA supporter, and her kids on a hitch with the MWA Volunteer Trail Crew (photo courtesy of Krisy Hammond)

“Don’t be afraid to get dirty… and to give when you can and how you can.”

Sally Kelsey, MWA supporter and Madison Range resident (photo by Alex Blackmer)

GivingTuesday is the single biggest day of charitable giving on the planet, and this year it’s happening on December 3.

Coming down from Mt. Aeneas in Jewel Basin (photo by Teresa Meienberg)

Birch Lake, in the Jewel Basin east of Kalispell, has it all.

Looking west toward the Beartooth Mountains from the southern Pryor Mountains (Photo by John Boehmke)

The Pryor Mountains feature old mining roads and rugged trails, perfect for snowshoeing and hiking.