Wild Life - November 2015

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A student hike in the Bridger Range (photo by Kassia Randzio)

Meet Jocelyn Catterson, who studied Resource Conservation at UM and worked in environmental education throughout college

Blue heron (photo by Sandii Mellen)

Looking out towards wisps of green, yellow, and gold willow, we made our first sighting of the day – a heron perched on the root wad of a downed bog birch.

MWA staff raise a cheer in front of their headquarters, at the Bluestone Building, in Helena, MT.

There’s a pleasant irony in the announcement: a small, Montana non-profit dedicated to protecting the “last best place” has been named one of America’s 100 best places to work.

Arlo Skari with his wife Darlene and MWA President Lee Boman

Each year MWA honors several people for the work they’ve done championing wilderness, promoting quiet trails, and advocating for responsible management of public lands.