Wild Life - November 2014

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Elena Ulev and Seth Barnes with their daughters Lucy (l) and Ella (r)

My family in Chicago thinks I’m a weirdo. Not only did I choose to live in one of the least populated states in the U.S. but I love to do strange things like hike, camp and ski. And I’m teaching my kids to do the same things.

Yve, Ian, and Samson outside their home in Choteau.

Bozeman-based Thirsty Lake Solar is working to ensure that wildlands remain wild, one rooftop at a time.

Former MWA council presidents Doris Milner, Cecil Garland, and Gerry Jennings are three of this year's Outdoor Hall of Fame inductees.

The Montana Outdoor Hall of Fame will honor the first class of 12 inductees at a banquet on December 6 at the Great Northern Hotel in Helena.