Wild Life - November 2013

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The Bluestone House at 80 S Warren in Helena. MWA photo

After nine years at 30 S. Ewing in Helena, the Montana Wilderness Association’s main office has moved.

Please join us for an open house on Dec. 6th at our new home in the historic Bluestone House at 80 South Warren.

Glacier Two Medicine Alliance founder Lou Bruno speaks at the Fourth Annual GTMA Fall Gathering at the Rising Wolf Ranch. Photo by Gerry Jennings

“We are dedicated to the protection, stewardship, and shared enjoyment of the culturally and ecologically irreplaceable wildlands of the Badger-Two Medicine and its interconnected ecosystems. We seek to ensure that a child of future generations will recognize and can experience the same cultural and ecological richness that we find in the wildlands of the Badger-Two Medicine today.”

MWA Veteran Outreach Coordinator Tristan Persico (second from right), and NexGen Wilderness Leaders Program Director Zack Porter (right), led a backpacking trip for veterans into the West Big Hole in August 2013.

While many Montanans were enjoying the first days of fall weather and others were heading into the wilderness for the opening hours of archery season, a small group of veterans were hiking into Rock Island Lake in the Beaverhead Mountains.

Red-breasted Nuthatch preparing a place to store seeds for the cold winter ahead. Photo by Cameron Sapp

As November rolls around, the snow begins to settle on the Northern Great Plains. The harsh temperatures of the summer convert to a bitter, inescapable cold. Some days the sky might be filled with a wintery greyness and the inklings of snowfall, while others might be consumed with the glowing, low November sun that illuminates the deep fall colors.