Wild Life - October 2015

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Disco snapping photos at the Chinese Wall

Dan Fenn is CDT Montana's 2015 Volunteer of the Year!

Christy Curd in the Beartooths

I want to contribute to a more sustainable society by getting people to care about places.

Hiking up to Goat Flats through the larches (photo by Zack Porter)

These soft-bristled beauties shed their needles every year around October, but surprisingly, with the drier year, they had already started to turn an incredibly vibrant yellow-orange in September.

Star Peak Sunset by Aaron Theisen, grand winner

Montana Wilderness Association has determined the 26 winning photos of its Picture Wild Montana photo contest.

A Blackfeet trail crew in the Badger-Two Medicine (photo by Tyler Courville)

Life on reservations is often fraught with poverty, alcoholism, drug-abuse, and depression, all of which stem from a painful recent history.