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Girl Scouts at the Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness

We all know that it takes time and energy to cultivate a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts who will work just as tirelessly to protect and expand wilderness in the coming century as Howard Zahniser, Ed Abbey, Mardy Murie, and others did in the last century. It’s in places like the Boundary Waters (or the Bob Marshall or the Selway-Bitterroot or the Lee Metcalf) where that cultivation takes place.

Hikers, packers and trail dogs.

Hosted by Summit Mountain Lodge and soundtracked by Whitefish-based bluegrass band 21st Amendment, this jovial gathering brought the CDNST community together for one final hurrah to enjoy a hot meal, cold beer, nail biting raffle prize giveaways, and the warmth of each other’s company.

Cabinets at Sunrise. Photo by Kim Hendrick

This has been the year to celebrate each of Montana’s remarkable wilderness areas. Of course, the best way to celebrate, and to learn about, these landscapes is to walk them.

CDT Wall Maps are on sale for $20 (includes shipping) for a limited for the holidays. Buy before December 6th.

Once a year we drop the price on these beautiful prints. Commemorate your hike, give one as a gift or hang it in your living room to dream of a future trek.

H.R. 1526 would eliminate 88% of Montana’s roadless backcountry.

In an act of political grandstanding before leaving town on recess, the U.S. House recently passed a package of bills (H.R. 4) all of which had previously passed including H.R. 1526, a bill strongly supported by Congressman Steve Daines.

Father of the conservation movement, President Theodore Roosevelt believed that America was at its best when Americans drew their strength primarily from what they hold in common. On September 27, around 300 hunters, anglers and others who cherish public lands gathered on the steps of the Montana State Capitol in Helena to honor this belief and to celebrate our common ground on National Public Lands Day.