Wild Life - August 2015

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MWA volunteers Greg Schatz and Megan Schulze tie dogs Molly and Abby to a saddle after the dogs were found alone in the Bob Marshall.

It was mid-July, and a Montana Wilderness Association trail crew was on its sixth day of a ten-day trail project in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area when two cocker spaniels approached along the trail.

CDT Montana

Hosted by Summit Mountain Lodge and music by a local favorite—Spring Wagon Stringband—this end-of-summer gathering brings the CDNST community together for one final hurrah to enjoy a hot meal, cold beer, great prize giveaways and some trail love.

The Powder River (photo by Forrest Theisen)

With a base camp set up at the Moorhead Recreation Area, the opportunities for backcountry hiking, bird watching, wildlife viewing, hunting, and horseback riding are endless.

The Chalk Buttes (photo by Forrest Theisen)

While the road might now be paved through Ekalaka, the community and the land have remained the same.

The Tongue River Breaks (photo by Forrest Theisen)

East of Billings, hidden in a vast open landscape of rolling hills and infinite open horizons, lie some treasures that would stun even the most seasoned and well-traveled hikers.

A cave in the Pryors (photo by Forrest Theisen)

The Pryor Mountains are home to towering spires, deep limestone canyons, ice caves, and one of the biggest wild horse ranges in the United States.