Wild Life - July 2017

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View of the Cabinet Mountains from the Yaak Fire Lookout Tower (photo by Maddie Matarazzo)

As the sun set the entire horizon turned bright red and a full moon began to rise. The only sound I could hear were the quiet rustles of the forest. 

Best hikes near Glacier National Park (photo: Kerry Neils)

Glacier National Park has unbelievable hiking, but, in the heart of summer, it can also have unbelievable crowds. Fortunately, the views, wildlife, and mountains don’t stop at the park boundary. Here are five suggestions for hikes near Glacier National Park that are sure to be hit.

Upper Cedar Lake in the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness Area (photo by Aaron Theisen)

When you’re hiking in the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness, it’s common to go a whole day without seeing another person, to hear nothing but the wind in the Cedars.