Wild Life - July 2015

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A meadow of beargrass (photo by Neils Kerry)

The hike to Hemlock Lake in the Mission Mountain Wilderness is one that I might have called pleasant, but I won’t.

Sawtooth Lake in the Pioneer Mountains (photo by Zach Schmaus)

The less-than-strenuous conditions of the trail and the creek flowing close by makes this hike one of my favorites in the area, as do the golden trout that bite excitedly off of the south shore and jump consistently throughout the lake.

Above Little Spar Lake in the Scotchmans (photo by Anthony South)

Take in soaring views of the Scotchmans, the Whitefish Range, the Missions, and more.

Skipping rocks at Big Therriault Lake (photo by Bruce Lindsay)

Hike to a lookout, investigate a wetland, or learn about the geology of the Flathead.