Wild Life - June 2015

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The view from below Teepee Pass (photo by Roger Jenkins)

A check of our position indicated that we were far off the supposed trail, and the faint, steep, muddy track off the side of the ridge was in fact the “official” trail.

Beartooth Vista (photo by Dexter Hale)

Summer is here, and it’s time to indulge in Montana’s great outdoors.

Along the Wailing Wall (photo by Ted Brewer)

Between the soft layers of lenticular clouds, I caught glimpses of bulbous cumulus clouds punching up into the atmosphere.

Photo by Leanne Falcon (courtesy of Glacier-Two Medicine Alliance)

People on the Blackfeet Reservation and across Montana are raising their voices. Decision-makers in Washington, D.C. must hear the message: there will never be drilling in the Badger-Two Medicine.