Wild Life - May 2013

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The Bluestone House at 80 S Warren in Helena. MWA photo

After nine years at 30 S. Ewing in Helena, the Montana Wilderness Association’s main office has moved.

We are now located just around the corner, on the other side Fire Tower Park, at 80 S. Warren in the historic Bluestone House.

A boardwalk stretches over sensitive vegetation on the highly traveled Tongariro Crossing in Tongariro National Park on New Zealand’s North Island. Photo by Emily Downing

A recent car trip from Hokitika to Nelson on the South Island of New Zealand saw me boring the driver, a girl from Boston, Mass., with incessant remarks about how easilly we could be driving through the Bitterroot Valley. The highway we drove on followed a wide, poplar-lined river through ranch land with views of the surrounding snow-capped mountain ranges, allowing me to wax poetic about the glories of the West.

Lightning strikes the prairie near the Missouri River Breaks in eastern Montana. Photo by Tony Bynum | tonybynum.com

Spring has arrived in its usual dramatic fashion here in Montana, bringing with it snow, sleet, wind, and sunshine—sometimes all at once. Recently I have been enjoying ice-free trails on Mount Helena and watched Mountain Bluebirds staking out their territory amongst the trees.