Wild Life - February 2013

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Echo, the newsletter of the Wild Divide Chapter of the Montana Wilderness Association

In this issue, learn about the Blackfoot Summer Travel Plan, the Continental Divide Trail, national park wilderness, what's going on with local Winter Walks and great places to share and experience in the Helena area.

MWA Intern, Garrett Koepke (red jacket) leads a winter adventure as part of MWA’s Outdoor Explorers Mentoring program on Kelly Island near the Clark Fork River. During the wildlife tracking class, participants used animal pelts provided by Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks to learn more about area species and their environments.

If there was one word I would use to describe winter, it would be LONG. The first snows usually come early November in the mountains, and the white stuff clings to the mountainsides and high valleys till mid to late June. For some, such a long winter season is nothing but glorious. For others, it’s annoying.