Wild Life - January 2014

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The approach to Trapper Peak. Photo by David Wise

What is wilderness? Is it a parcel of land with tangible boundaries and management principles prescribed by a forest manager or legislator’s pen? Or could it be a state of mind? Is wilderness the place we go within ourselves to remember who we are and where we came from? A place where the chains of responsibilities are unshackled from our ankles and we are allowed to refocus our attention on the gentle flow of forward motion. Forward. Along the trail. Up the mountain. Towards a greater sense of self.

MSU and UM students are all smiles despite cold weather on the Crown Mountain trail in the heart of hunting season.

Every fall, college students in Montana are generally divided into colors: you are either blue and gold or burgundy and silver. In late mid-November, with the Cat-Griz game close at hand, the tension between students at the University of Montana (UM) and Montana State University (MSU) was at an all-time high.