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Kevin League won the grand prize for his photo of Swan Peak and the Bob Marshall Wilderness

The photo contest judge has meticulously scoured every photo, and we're pleased to announce the winners!

Senator Jon Tester made a surprise appearance at the Rally for Public Lands in Helena (photo by Anson Nygaard)

Relive the 2019 Rally for Public Lands with great photos that capture the energy and excitment of the rally. 

Learn to how to survive the holidays with Backcountry Bob

Feeling stressed out this holiday season? Follow along with me, Backcountry Bob, to learn some easy-to-follow survival tips to help you make it safely to 2019!

A fisherwoman ventures out into the Yellowstone on a misty morning (photo by Chatanika Stoop)

In September 1989, President George H.W. Bush visited Montana and spoke passionately about his vision for a future driven by a commitment to conservation and a sense of responsibility to future generations. Let's not forget his message. 

60 Years Strong (photo by Sarah Capdeville)

Dig back into the history of MWA with this special 60th anniversary edition of Wild Montana. 

The Rooney clan explores their public lands in search of the perfect tree (photo by Mike Rooney))

The freshly-cut Douglas fir cleared a wide path as my dad pulled it down the powdered trail. Late afternoon sunlight poked through the snow-laden branches as my mom, my wife, and I trailed behind him, laughing as we slipped and slid in the fresh tracks.