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Here are a few tips to help you get the outdoor time you need while keeping you and your fellow Montanans healthy and safe (photo by Sara Schroeder)

Public lands are extremely important for our physical and mental well-being, especially now. But if we don’t enjoy them responsibly during this health crisis, we will be putting our own health, and our neighbors’ health, at risk.

On the Rocky Mountain Front near Choteau (photo by Gene Sentz)

We can still stand up for our public lands, even if we're staying at home. 

To help tide you over during this period of physical distancing, we'd like to offer you a few ways to connect with our wilderness community (photo by Jamie Tipton)

In times like these, finding solace in our wild and public lands becomes exponentially more essential – for our physical health, our mental well-being, and for bringing us together as a community.

Grab a book and enjoy it outside (photo by Elaine Caton)

It’s easy to feel cooped up, making us all especially grateful for our miniature escapes into the outdoors. When my daughter and I return from our outdoor adventures, we like to settle in for a little quiet time with a snack and some books.

Enjoy a good book outside this weekend (photo by Keely Damara)

While you’re following CDC recommendations to help stop the spread of COVID-19, you may find yourself going a little stir-crazy.