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Camping on sandy spots, like this one near Corral Creek, is one way to reduce your impact (Tony Bynum)

Nobody wants our wild places to be loved to death. These easy-to-follow steps will help you take care of the places you love most. 

Snow clings to the top of the Snowcrest Mountains (Alli Behrens)

An expedition into the rocky peaks, emerald valleys, and wide prairies of the Ruby Valley offers a glimpse into the future of this special place. 

A gray fall day in Beartrap Canyon Wilderness (Larry Kilmer)

MWA volunteers and the BLM's Dillon Field Office are teaming up to monitor wilderness character and protect key wildlands in southwestern Montana, and we need your help. 

Looking down on the North Fork Blackfoot and the Hobnail Tom Trail (Alex Blackmer)

What motivated our crew members to give some sweat to the Hobnail Tom Trail? Turns out they all had their reasons.

Sunset from the flanks of Pryors (Emily Cleveland)

The Pryor Mountains are home to a diversity of plant and animal life that's unrivaled in Montana. The Custer Gallatin National Forest Plan should take that into account.